Partnerships are the foundation of our work

Libraries share access to their collections with us, and founders allow us to hire the scholars who create the catalogue entries. 


Libraries and collectors share their manuscript collections with us – we are grateful for their trust in us. This is a truly symbiotic relationship; allowing more scholars to benefit from the manuscripts in their collection, whilst increasing their revenue from sales of manuscript copies. They also gain a back up of their most valuable assets in case the physical manuscripts get damaged. Without the access to manuscripts that the libraries provide us, we could not do our work. Click here to see a full list, and get in touch if you are interested adding your collection to our catalogue.


Our work is funded by generous donors who care passionately about preserving and propagating India’s ancient knowledge and wisdom. Each donor sponsors one or more members of our team. Their generosity is acknowledged in the work done by each member of our team. Click here to see a full list and get in touch if you, or someone you know, would like to join us on this journey of making our ancient wisdom globally accessible.