About us

Sangraha is a part of Dharohar, a non-profit organisation, located in Udaipur, India. We are working on making India’s ancient wisdom easily, and globally accessible to scholars around the world. We are building cutting edge technology, and bringing it together with a deep knowledge of the Sanskrit texts to create a consistent and comprehensive catalogue that is easy for scholars to use.

Our work started with a small pilot project with a single library, so we could ensure our software, processes, and team training were all robust, and fit for purpose. From there, we are expanding to bring more libraries into our catalogue.

Why are we doing this

There are over 10 million manuscripts in libraries, private collections, and universities around the country. They are hard to find, and most crucially at risk of destruction through age, water damage, insects and other threats. We must preserve this ancient knowledge and make it available to research scholars. Digital imaging of manuscripts preserves the knowledge for the future. Our descriptive catalogue makes it easy for scholars to find manuscripts of their interest.